Art, music, and travel

I love creating art. I can growing up and art always being my favrite subject. Painting was a release for me. I am blessed with a family that still encourages me follow my dreams. My grampa is my hero. He thought everything I created was grand. He hung my painting in his hospital room and told the nurses about his grand-daughter the artist. College came, I didn't know exactly where I was going, but as long as there was art, I would figure it. When I questioned my path, his confidence in me kept me going.

I started in a more traditional art program at Northern Illinois University. Transfered into a computer based, techincal program in visual communications at The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. The travel bug was biting and while working at the library during school, found an internship program in London. I moved to San Diego after colllege to be by my brother in the Navy and to learn to surf. It was a wonderful place to live out my 20's. My family needed help back home and I moved back to the Chicago suburbs. I've been gathering experiece in Chicago and the burbs since.

Grateful for the guidance, love, and opportunities that have come from sharing the love of music. The travels and people that I have shared moments with all are little drops in the bucket I dig deep into for insiration. My role models are the women standing up for equal jobs in the industry. I wouldn't be the confident, successful creative without a solid network of fierce professionals and free-spirited artists. The balance between work and play is cruicial. I truly believe passing on referrals, using small business, supporting artists, asking for help, and giving credit where credit is due.

I made a few promises to myself a few years ago: do what makes me happy, take more time to help others, and keep investing in me. I am staying open to any opportunities that may come in the future.